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Memorial Day is specifically for remembering those who have fallen in battle in service of the United States. Veterans Day honors all Americans who have served in the military, both living and deceased.


The seven days directly following Valentine's Day are: Slap Day, Kick Day, Perfume Day, Flirting Day, Confession Day, Missing Day and Break-up Day, which occur Feb. 15 through 21, respectively, according to the Happy Valentine's Day website. The meanings behind these days are open to self interpreta


Squirrel Appreciation Day is on January 21 of every year. The first instance of this holiday was in 2001, and it was begun by Christy Hargove from Asheville, North Carolina.


The Earth's tilt on its axis is what causes the change in the seasons and explains why summer days are longer than winter days. The Earth orbits in an ellipse around the Sun, and because of this, it draws closer to the Sun at some points than at others. It is the direction of the Earth's tilt in its


There is no nationally official Seniors' Day for shoppers, but many restaurants and stores offer Senior Discount Days during the week. Seniors' Days for shoppers vary depending on the store or restaurant, but typically appears on a Tuesday. Other frequent Seniors' Days occur on Wednesdays and Thursd


Life in colonial Rhode Island involved working in manufacturing, ship building and the brewing and exportation of rum. A network of factors, such as class, wealth and religion, dictated one's day-to-day activities.


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Columbus Day in the United States is the second Monday in October each year. Observation of Columbus Day on the second Monday in October was established in 1970.


I saved for a rainy day fund like a responsible adult — so why did I feel so guilty about spending it on an unexpected expense? by Kelly Anne Smith I recently went to hop in my car and drive to class. But after walking around in circles for a few minutes clicking the panic button to no avail, I real


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