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Victoria's father was Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, the fourth son of the reigning King of the United Kingdom, George III.Until 1817, Edward's niece, Princess Charlotte of Wales, was the only legitimate grandchild of George III.Her death in 1817 precipitated a succession crisis that brought pressure on the Duke of Kent and his unmarried brothers to marry and have children.


The true story of the iconic Queen Victoria and her relationships with her children, including what she was really like as a mother, and how she became one of England's most controversial parents.


Queen Victoria and her first cousin Prince Albert, who married on February 10, 1840, had nine children. The marriage of the children of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert into other royal families, and the likelihood that some of her children bore a mutant gene for hemophilia affected European history.


Queen Victoria and her consort Prince Albert were passionate lovers with a mutual physical attraction but with seemingly no understanding of family planning. The result was nine children born between 1840 and 1857. Albert, intelligent and ambitious, was determined to put this burgeoning brood to ...


This is a list of the 42 grandchildren of the British Queen Victoria (1819–1901, queen from 1837, married 1840) and her husband Prince Albert (the Prince Consort, 1819–1861), each of whom was therefore either a sibling or a first cousin to each of the others. It also lists Victoria and Albert's 9 children and 87 great-grandchildren, as well as the spouses of those children and ...


Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Ireland, as she was officially known, lived a both tragic and fascinating life that has prompted her to become one of the most well-known of all the ...


Queen Victoria was the only child of Edward, the duke of Kent and King George III's fourth son. Her mother was Victoria Saxe-Saalfield-Coburg, sister of Leopold, king of the Belgians.


How Many Children Did Queen Victoria Have and Who Was the Oldest? By YourDictionary Queen Victoria, who ruled the United Kingdom from 1837 until her death in 1901, had nine children: four boys and five girls. The oldest of Victoria’s children was Princess Victoria, the Princess Royal, born in 1840.


Queen Victoria’s children . Victoria, Princess Royal. The eldest child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, little Victoria – or ‘Vicky’, as her family called her – was born 21 November 1840. Her full name was Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa, and her official title was Victoria Princess Royal. An intelligent, enthusiastic youngster, her ...


Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom was the granddaughter of George III the King of Great Britain and Ireland between 1760 and 1820. He was the first King of Hanover dynasty who was more British than German as he was born in Britain and spoke Eng...