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A quaternary consumer is an animal that is at the top of the food chain. These animals mainly eat or prey on animals below them on the food chain, such as tertiary and secondary consumers. Some examples of quaternary consumers are hawks and white sharks, which also are carnivores. While a hawk can eat snakes, a shark can eat seals.


Quaternary consumers are often top predators within the environment, and they eat the tertiary consumers. Examples of quaternary consumers include lions, wolves, polar bears, humans, and hawks.


The food chain's highest level consumers are the quaternary consumers. These include the animals that prey upon the tertiary consumers like owls feeding on snakes, who feed on mice who eat plants ...


an ocean consumer is something that eats things that are living and growing in the ocean.for example a shark. ... Therefore, when quaternary consumers eat tertiary consumers, most of the energy ...


The ocean currents can greatly affect the Earth's climate by transferring heat. Decomposers include seaweeds and crustaceans. The biodiversity is very high in the coastal environments of the marine ecosystem. However, in some places of the ocean such as very deep sea, the knowledge of biodiversity is limited because of the lack of information.


Life on the Food Chain. Have you ever wondered why we can't seem to feed the world's hungry? It's a complex issue, but it might surprise you to learn that it's not because there isn't enough food; current agricultural capacity, based on current technology, exists to feed as many as 10 billion people.


This lesson is on ocean producers and consumers. In this lesson, we'll go over the definition of producers and consumers in biology. We'll also give specific examples of each in an ocean ecosystem.


Covering 71 percent of the Earth’s surface, the ocean provides a magnificent variety of creatures. Each of these creatures occupies a unique position on the food web, or trophic web, which is composed of producers, consumers, and decomposers.


Create a food chain with the following organisms. Be sure to identify each organism as a primary producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, tertiary consumer, or quaternary consumer. Use these organisms: killer whale, phytoplankton, copepods, herring, and sea lions


The primary consumer is an organism that eats a primary producer, which can include a zooplankton or snail in the ocean. The secondary consumer is an organism that eats a primary consumer, and includes fish species that feed on the zooplankton. Tertiary consumers feed on secondary consumers, and quaternary consumers feed on tertiary consumers ...