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Wholesale fireworks provides a list of Illegal fireworks online. Silver salute, M-80, cherry bomb, quarter stick are all included in list. This informs customers which explosives are illegal in the United States.


Can you buy dynamite for farm use? It would make sense for homesteads to be able to buy and possess dynamite for professional related use. Surely it must be legal to have a small amount of dynamite, right? Not even a stick of dynamite. Even a half stick of dynamite is illegal. How To Buy. To buy dynamite legally, you have to become a licensed ...


Although these firecracker items look like half sticks, quarter sticks and full sticks of dynamite, they do not resemble them in noise or danger or illegality! These novelty firecrackers simply contain multiple firecrackers (anywhere from 50-300) on a single fuse…from the Dyno Stick to the Jumbo M5000 and M1000.


Contrary to urban legend, an M-80 that contains 3,000 mg of powder is not equivalent to a quarter-stick of dynamite. Dynamite generally contains a stable nitroglycerin based high explosive, whereas M-80s or any other kind of firecracker contains a low explosive powder, like flash powder or black powder.


Not even close. The M-80 is called an M-80 because that was the military’s designation for it. It was designed as an “artillery simulator” for training purposes. The idea was that instructors could light them near troops who were participating in ...


Packaged Dynamite Explosives. Our dynamite explosive is Nitroglycerine (NG) based and performs reliably in extreme conditions. With diameters from 3/4 to 3 inches, our dynamite is suitable for a wide variety of mining explosive needs.


M-100s contain about 20 grams of powder; about 400 times the legal limit. Other unsafe items include cherry bombs and sparkler bombs. Some of these items are comparable to a quarter to a whole stick of dynamite. These products are not fireworks and are classified as illegal explosives.


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M-1000, Quarter Stick. Average Size: 1 inch diameter, 6 inches long Average Load: ... the public against handling suspected illegal explosive devices and urges everyone to report the manufacture or sale of such devices to their local ATF office or by calling ATF’s toll-free hotline at 1-888-ATF-BOMB (1-888-283-2662). ...