A certificate of employment contains an employee's personal data, a description of the employees work history and a performance and behavioral assessment of the employee. The certificate also includes information on the ... More »

To ask for a raise via letter, write a formal business letter that calls attention to the employee's job performance, cites personal achievements within the company, makes the employer aware of any changes in the employe... More »

A certificate of employment mentions the name and location of the hiring company and provides information on the personal data of the employee and his tenure at the company. The certificate also includes an assessment of... More »

Factors included in a security assessment report include risk analysis, threat assessment, data analysis, a review of physical and electronic security and an evaluation of security personnel. A review of current security... More »

A resignation email needs to include all of the specific details pertaining the employee's departure from the current place of employment. It is recommended to resign from a position in person, followed up by a formal re... More »

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Write an employment verification letter by stating your name and position within the company, stating the purpose of the letter and including the name, position and pay rate of the employee. It is also important to follo... More »

A good example of a letter of reprimand is one that communicates and documents an employee's behavior or performance thoroughly but also encourages the employee to improve in the area he was reprimanded. The letter inclu... More »