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Today’s mechanical pencil is a tiny marvel of engineering that is every bit as much precision instrument as the tactical flashlight or Swiss Army knife. We hope you found the above information on the best mechanical pencil to be useful and be sure to check back soon for more product reviews and comparisons.


A mechanical pencil uses led – housed in a protective casing and can be as unique as any fountain, roller ball or ball point pen. At Pen Chalet, we are proud to offer only the best mechanical pencil collection to our customers. Choose from our variety of quality mechanical pencils today to set yourself apart from your peers.


Faber-Castell Value Writing Set, Premium Quality Writing, Highlighter and Eraser set, 6 items, 0.7 mm Pens, Mechanical Pencil, Lead Refill, Textliner and Dust Free Eraser


Pencils, more than pens, are affected by the weight, angle, and pressure you place on them against the paper. And the components of a better mechanical pencil, such as the lead-advancement mechanism, the clip, and the lead-holding sleeve, will hold up far longer than with 12-per-box models.


Pens simply won’t cut it in the above categories, as ink leaves very little room for error, to say nothing of the potential mess. Save the ink pen for its proper use, and savor the convenience of a superior quality mechanical pencil. When choosing a mechanical pencil there are several things to keep in mind.


With hundreds of mechanical pencils ranging from 0.2 mm to 3 mm and above, there is a perfect one to suit your needs at JetPens.com!


A mechanical pencil is refillable and looks more professional than a traditional pencil. Best (and most obvious) of all, its lead is erasable. So you can leave the correction fluid in the drawer. Not to mention, a high-quality mechanical pencil will almost always cost you less than a high-quality pen.


A quality pencil needs to be comfortable even after writing for long periods. The following mechanical pencils will help you meet your needs and ensure you do your best work. UPDATED: June 3, 2019. So here is my list of The 10 Best Mechanical Pencils For Writing. Enjoy!


Most mechanical pencils will take lead of any hardness, and many of the higher-end options have a rotating indicator so that you know which type of lead you have loaded. Width, however, is another matter. Each pencil has a specific lead width, and putting the wrong kind into the pencil can damage the advance mechanism or clog the barrel.


Guide to Mechanical Pencils. Introduction. We love mechanical pencils. You'd probably guess that from the huge number of them we stock. There's an amazing variety of mechanical pencils available, in all sorts of styles, with all sorts of features, for many different purposes. So we thought some sort of guide might be useful.