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First, let's deal with ownership. Having a pet – any kind of living creature – is a big responsibility. But owning a potentially dangerous animal, whether that's a dog, snake, or a tarantula ...


Pythons are not venomous, but they can still be dangerous to humans. Some of the larger species, such as the Burmese and reticulated pythons, are large enough to constrict and kill their owners. Here's what a future snake keeper needs to know.


Pythons are not a very common choice as pets. Many people think all snakes are poisonous and dangerous creatures. Dangerous, no doubt, but most snakes hide and try to avoid a human encounter. They strike back only when provoked or when they feel threatened.


This breed is undeniably calm, and will not make waves in a home. It’s quite a commitment, as captive ball pythons can live up to thirty years. Anybody ready for this, however, will find the ball python to be a docile and passive pet. Alongside garter snakes and corn snakes, they are the least dangerous snakes that are commercially available.


Well, boas and pythons are two different groups of animals, and there are 40 species of boas in the world, and 11 species of pythons. They range in size from the diminutive 1 ft long spotted red dwarf boa (Trophidophis maculatus) and the less than...


Best Answer: Pythons are way less dangerous than most people are led to believe.b Dogs kill more people than these snakes do. It is a granite (a man bred morph) so it is captive bred and tame. Just listen to the owner and you should be fine.


These pythons reproduce readily and prolifically in captivity, depositing up to 100 eggs per clutch. The result of this mass production is that thousands of people who take on young Burmese pythons as pets end up with snakes that are too large, and they release them into the wild.


Constricting snakes, commonly referred to as "boids" (members of the the taxonomic family Boidae), are a diverse group of snakes.There are several varieties that are popular as pets and while some may be fine for beginner snake owners, several are not.


Why an 8-Foot Pet Python May Have Killed Its Owner. ... He adds that there are two common reasons pet snakes constrict their owners—they may constrict out of fear, or when they smell prey, and ...


Two young brothers, ages 5 and 7, were killed by a 14-foot python that escaped from a pet store and dropped into the room where the boys were sleeping. The deaths highlight the risks associated ...