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There are several websites that allow people to upload a photo of yourself and "try on" different hairstyles and hair colors. These sites are called virtual makeover sites and are often free of charge.


Although a long bob is considered a universally flattering cut, the most flattering hairstyle for an individual generally depends on the shape of the face. The basic face shapes include oval, square, heart and round.


A hairstyle had the ability to either accentuate facial features or detract from the face. A person with a round face, for example, looks best with an asymmetrical layered cut. This style is further enhanced with a side part and long bangs swept to the side.


Almost any hair style can be adapted to a round face with certain elements incorporated. Flattering hair styles draw the eye to the top or bottom of the face to create the illusion of a more lengthened face. They may also incorporate texture which gives the appearance of angles.


Hairstyles that provide dimension to round races include long layers, side-swept bangs and short crop cuts. Long hair that extends past the chin adds length to a round face. Cropped cuts with height at the top and close cut sides function as unisex hairstyles and minimize roundness.


Hair acts as a frame to bring attention and perspective to the face, and finding the right hairstyle is often simply a matter of creating a pleasing sense of geometry after considering facial shape. Haircuts should counteract the face's flaws, and finding the right hairstyle to complement facial sha


Textured hairstyles such as curls, waves or choppy ends work well to reduce the appearance of the square jawline. Elongated, sleek styles that cascade from the jawline also work well. Bangs swept to the side work best with square faces, as well as short cuts with choppy edges.


One of the best hairstyles for round faces is long hair with gentles waves and side-swept bangs, according to About.com. Longer hair helps to elongate a round face, while longer bangs create angles to complement the face shape. Waves in the hair minimize the face's rounder shape.


Some short hairstyles that look good on full faces include graduated bobs, pixie cuts and short bobs that are full on top. Haircuts with side-swept bangs and other rounded shapes also tend to look good on people with full faces.


To determine the right hairstyle to shape your face, first discover what shape your face resembles, such as oval, square or triangular. Next, choose a hairstyle that balances the planes of the face. For example, if your face is equally as long as it is wide, you have a round face, and the best style