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The phone interview is a simple telephone conversation between you and the recruiter or search committee representative. They are often scheduled calls, so you have a chance to prepare your answers. If the recruiter simply calls out of nowhere to interview you, it is acceptable that you ask for a minute to prepare your notes or review your resume.


The communication abilities confirmed through a phone interview are on a basic level. An employer would like to know how well you can talk about your previous job experiences, how well you listen and respond to specific questions, and how well you can come up with good questions to ask the interviewer.


Recently, I received more than a normal level of questions from my clients about what to do on a telephone interview. How is a phone interview similar or different to an in-person interview? How should I prepare? What's The Purpose Of A Phone Interview? If you have asked the same questions, here a...


Telephone interviews often take place during the early stages of the job interview process.Some recruiters will use them as a method of shortlisting; others as an opportunity to learn more about the candidates who are applying to work for them.


For one thing, a phone interview is likely the first time you’ll speak directly with a representative from the employer, and you won’t be able to rely upon body language to build rapport. And, unlike emailing back and forth, a phone interview offers no chance to re-read and re-formulate your thoughts. ... The core purpose of telephone ...


A job candidate’s answers to phone interview questions can tell you a lot about whether they have the right mix of skills and experience for the position and a work style that suits your office. Plus, a relatively casual phone call can give you a better idea of the candidate's interpersonal skills than a formal, rehearsed interview would.


Telephone interviews are used to screen out possible candidates in the most efficient manner. I was a Practicum Coordinator and employers held telephone interviews as a way of seeing if accents interfered with communication. If a person has an acc...


Most of the sample phone interview questions we see are so broad they rarely give you any valuable insight into the candidates fit for the role. You need the tough questions that get right down to business and provide useful answers to your telephone interview questions.


Don't underestimate the importance of the phone interview for your next job. Learn more about how to prepare as well as etiquette and best tips & tricks.


Since employers usually have far more qualified job applicants than they can realistically interview, they're increasingly using preliminary phone interviews to screen candidates and narrow down ...