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What Is the Purpose of Newspapers? The main purposes of newspapers are to inform, interpret and entertain. Newspapers help readers become informed by providing them with facts, statistics and opinion columns. Most newspapers feature stories that represent the opinion of the newspaper management and that of the editors. Some of the other ...


“The purpose of journalism,” write Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel in The Elements of Journalism, “is not defined by technology, nor by journalists or the techniques they employ.” Rather, “the principles and purpose of journalism are defined by something more basic: the function news plays ...


Guidelines on Writing Newspaper Articles Purpose In this guide we provide basic tips on how to write a newspaper article, links to additional resources on how to write a newspaper article as well as a template Parts of Newspaper Article A newspaper article is usually constituted by five key parts:


What’s the purpose of a newspaper ~ even in these times of internet blogging, where everyone can have an opinion on just about everything, despite perhaps not having knowledge enough on the subjects they’re giving opinions on … it is as it has been for centuries, since the advent of the printing press ~ to keep the general populace ...


Scientific paper – an article published in a scientific journal. Blog – some blog articles are like magazine or newspaper articles; others are written more like entries in a personal journal. Encyclopedia article – in an encyclopedia or other reference work, an article is a primary division of content.


Articles are written for a wide range of purposes. Off the top of my head I would include the following: To Inform (“Thus and so is coming soon and will be a hardship unless you prepare” or “The latest Gallup research indicates that a majority of ...


Newspapers are incredibly important to us as Americans for several reasons. 1. Newspapers are a way to cover local community events and news. The majority of newspapers exist in small towns and cities. Many of these cities don’t have television or...


In today's era the newspaper is a source of information about events around the world and your local community. As it is a printed format of media it can often go into more depth on an story than ...


A feature article aims to persuade, explain and inform your target audience. The purpose of a feature article is to explore or discuss a particular topic of interest.


Ask students to find an example of a newspaper that informs readers and write its headline. To interpret the news: Newspaper stories interpret or explain the meaning of news to us. These stories often have opinions of the writer. Ask students to find an example of a newspaper article that interprets the news and write its headline.