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The Role and Purpose of Police and Law Enforcement in a Free Society By Brian K. Lutes, Uniontown, PA, January 4, 2011 It is very easy for law enforcement officers to lose sight of their purpose; with 6 years of experience as a police officer and Deputy PA State Constable I know this to be true.


Law enforcement is any system by which some members of society act in an organized manner to enforce the law by discovering, deterring, rehabilitating, or punishing people who violate the rules and norms governing that society.


History, Purpose, and Operations HISTORY In the mid 1950’s, local and state law enforcement agencies in the United States recognized that no single agency or organization was responsible for receiving, collating, maintaining, and disseminating information on persons involved in organized crime.


On the Record The Purpose of Law Enforcement is to Make Good Criminals? How to Effectively Respond to the Crime-Terrorism Nexus Vanda Felbab-Brown Thursday, November 21, 2013


From the formation of the oldest federal law enforcement agency, the U.S. Marshals Service, in 1789, to the reorganization of our nation’s law enforcement agencies and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security in 2002, federal law enforcement has undergone significant changes to address today’s most significant risks.


Police reports serve as the starting point of a law enforcement investigation, but they also provide crime victims with a legal document to use as evidence for court hearings and insurance claims. They should contain accurate, detailed and informative information about a crime or incident.


In Printz v. United States, 521 U.S. 898, 935 (1997), a Montana Sheriff Jay Printz challenged the constitutionality of a federal handgun control scheme that required him and other local law enforcement officers to conduct background checks on prospective handgun buyers, ensuring that no handguns were illegally purchased.


A good drone policy will clearly establish the purpose of using drones for law enforcement operations. Deviating from this purpose often predicts liability and PR issues for an agency. The policy should address laws and legislation about drone use, outline proper procedures, and establish accountability measures.


The purpose of the police in the government is to protect and serve and to deliver criminals into the hands of the law. Police are responsible for catching criminals who threaten the livelihood, property and peace of other citizens.


POLICE OFFICER PURPOSE: To ensure preservation of peace and public safety through the enforcement of local, state, and Federal laws, and by providing support and assistance during emergency or crisis situations.