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Before conducting interviews, you need an interview guide that you can use to help you direct the conversation toward the topics and issues you want to learn about. Interview guides vary from highly scripted to relatively loose, but they all share certain features: They help you know what to ask about, in what sequence, how to pose your questions, and how to pose follow-ups.


Is the real purpose of the interview to weed out the weak, or attract the best? Too many people, including a good chunk of corporate recruiters and hiring managers, view the interview primarily as ...


The purpose of an interview is to allow a hiring manager or employment committee to evaluate the qualities of an applicant in a personal setting. During an interview, the hiring manager asks questions and evaluates the responses and demeanor of the applicant in giving them.


the purpose of the interview It is important to remember that the purpose of the interview is two-fold: (1) The employer needs to find out if you are the best candidate for the job and (2) you need to find out if this is a good opportunity for you.


Don’t follow the interview guide—follow the respondent. Follow up new information that he or she brings up without losing sense of where you are in the interview. Try not to think about time—relax into the interview.


Interview Guide Best Practices. Creating an interview guide is a crucial step in the qualitative interview process. The wording of your questions is key in that it is important to develop questions that are open ended and not leading. You do not want to use suggestive language, you instead want the participant is be able to share their ...

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Interview Guide Preparation and Use Interview guides can be helpful to researchers who are conducting semi-structured in-depth qualitative interviews. You can anticipate that each in-depth qualitative interview will last about one hour to one and one-half hours. An interview guide approach involves you in developing five or six neutral, open ...


The Purpose of this Guide . This guide provides practical information on designing structured interviews. The guide ... for the selecting official’s interview. This guide is not intended to be exhaustive of the possible approaches to developing a structured interview, but to provide one effective method. ...

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Stages of Interview Investigation Thematizing -the why and what of the investigation. Designing - plan the design of the study. Interviewing - conduct the interview based on a guide. Transcribing - prepare the interview material for analysis. Analyzing - decide on the purpose, the topic, the nature and methods of analysis that are appropriate.


A structured interview is an assessment method designed to measure job-related competencies of candidates by systematically inquiring about their behavior in past experiences and/or their proposed behavior in hypothetical situations. ... please view the Structured Interview Guide.