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Database administration refers to the whole set of activities performed by a database administrator to ensure that a database is always available as needed. Other closely related tasks and roles are database security, database monitoring and troubleshooting, and planning for future growth. Database administration is an important function in ...


There are many certifications available for becoming a certified database administrator. Many of these certifications are offered by database vendors themselves. Database administrator certifications may be earned by passing a series of tests and sometimes other requirements. Schools offering Database Administration degrees can also be found.


database administrator (DBA): DBA is also an abbreviation for doing business as - a term sometimes used in business and legal writing. dBA is an abbreviation for A-weighted decibels .


A database administrator is someone who uses software to store and organize data, such as financial information and customer shipping records. They make sure that data is available to users and is secure from unauthorized access. Database administrators work in many different types of industries, including computer systems design and related services firms, insurance companies, banks, and ...


A database administrator, or DBA, plays a critical role in managing the databases of an organization. Learn about the various roles of a DBA and...

www.pkirs.utep.edu/cis4365/Tutorials/Database Administration/8.00700/1_multipart_xF8FF...

What are the functions of the Database Administrator? Before trying to understand the functions of the database administrator, it is necessary to first learn the three different functional levels needed to maintain a database. These levels are the data administration (DA), the database administration (DBA), and database steward.


Database Administrator Resume Objective. A Database Administrator is responsible for maintaining all aspects of a database. These professionals can be found working in a variety of industries. If you are applying for this position, then you may be wondering what you should include in your objective statement.


The administrator may be called upon to take a basic design and customize the fields or functions to more effectively serve the needs of the corporation. While these types of projects are more commonly associated with a database analyst or designer, it is not uncommon for a database administrator in a small company to assume these roles.


By Vangie Beal. A database administrator (DBA) is a specialized computer systems administrator who maintains a successful database environment by directing or performing all related activities to keep the data secure. The top responsibility of a DBA professional is to maintain data integrity.This means the DBA will ensure that data is secure from unauthorized access but is available to users.


Purpose of Database Management Systems. Organizations use large amounts of data. A database management system (DBMS) is a software tool that makes it possible to organize data in a database.. The ...