The purpose of a capacitor is to store energy in the electric field between a pair of closely spaced conductors that are called plates, and these capacitors are used in electrical circuits as energy-storage devices. Capa... More »

Energy storage is the primary function of a capacitor. Capacitors are very common in many electronic components and come in different sizes with different capacitances. More »

A Mylar capacitor is a general purpose capacitor used in direct current applications. It derives its name from Mylar, the brand name of dielectric film used to sheath them. More »

A series combination of capacitors is reduced to a single capacitor by adding the sum of the inverses of each individual capacitor, then inverting that. The equation is C_eq = (1 / ((1 / C1) + (1 / C2) + (1 / C3) + ... +... More » Science Physics Electricity

Basic electronics are capacitors, resistors, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, potentiometers, LEDs, switches, batteries, breadboards and wire. Together, one can use these components to create a host of electroni... More »

A 5-farad capacitor is an electrical component in circuits that can store five amps per second of charge at one volt. A capacitor stores electrical energy by housing two metal plates separated by a non-conducting substan... More » Science Physics Electricity

The electric field strength of a parallel plate capacitor is equal to the voltage across the plates divided by the distance between the plates. This relationship is written as E=V/d, where E is electric field strength, V... More »