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Free templates for letters are available from Tidy Forms and Vertex42, as of 2015. Both websites feature templates for letters that include business letters, friendly letters and reference letters. Templates are available to download in PDF and Microsoft Word formats.


Find friendly letter templates on PrintablePaper.net and LetterWritingGuide.com, as of 2015. PrintablePaper.net offers a free downloadable template that provides a layout of a friendly letter. LetterWritingGuide.com also provides instructions for completing each part of a friendly letter.


To create a letter template, open a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, and select a new document. Create a letter template from an existing template within the program, revise a template to meet your specifications or design a letter template from a blank page.


Letter templates used for teaching and crafts purposes are available at online websites such as Activity Village, First Palette and Preschool Express. Depending on the website, the letter templates are available as worksheets, coloring pages or patterns that can be traced and cut out for bulletin-bo


Free business letter templates are documents designed to convey a message for a professional purpose. These types of templates contain a variety of required components and generally follow a standard format.


Free business letter templates are available on websites such as About.com, Office.com and Xerox.com. Some sites offer downloadable files for Microsoft Word, while others provide a text-only template that users can paste into any word processor.


Good letter writing templates are available at WriteExpress.com and GoodLetterWriting.com, including templates for personal, business and formal letters. These services offer templates to fit most types of letter-writing occasions, along with educational tips on how to write letters.


About Careers and Microsoft Office Online both offer free letter templates. Agendas, brochures, budgets and calendars, as well as cards, certificates, flyers, invoices and memos are some of the many letter templates offered on these sites.


Download printable letter templates from KidsSundaySchool.com, and cut the letters out of the sheets to make cut-out letter templates. The letters in the templates are all uppercase, and are available in various sizes between 2 and 5 inches high. The templates also include numbers and punctuation ma


Websites like Monster.com and Berkeley Law offer sample business thank you letter templates that are free to the public. A business thank you letter shows the recipient that the sender appreciates his or her time, efforts or consideration for employment.