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A letter of intent for graduate school includes an introduction, an enrollment preference, your grade point average, the score from your graduate school entrance exams and the reason you want to attend that school's graduate program. Wrap the letter up by presenting the strengths of your character t


Letters were first used as a form of communication. With technology improvements, however, it has become a less popular way for people to communicate.


Good graduation letter examples for a daughter are on the Magazine.loyola.edu and Smithvillechurch.org websites. These letters recommend parents express pride in their daughter's accomplishments, hope for their daughter's future and offer guidelines for future success.


To write the graduation letter, think of the lasting advice to give the senior and how to best express it. A graduation letter is letter that a person writes to a graduating senior, in this case a father to a son, that typically includes post-graduation advice.


The main purpose of attending school is to receive an education that helps an individual throughout every phase of his life. Every day that a student attends school, he has the opportunity to learn something new that can change his life or the life of someone else. When a person obtains an education


A business letter is a formal method of communication between two or more parties. The common purposes of writing business letters are for sales efforts, relationship building, resolving an issue and considerations. They are written to clients, prospective customers, managers, employees and business


Requesting a certified letter of graduation is similar to requesting official transcripts. Generally, this is done through a school?s office of records or the registrar?s office. The process of making a request varies by school, and is different depending on whether a request is to certify a high sc


An application letter, often written in the form of an application essay, is devised to help colleges understand their applicants better and make informed decisions about who to accept into their university. An application essay is typically required for both undergraduate and graduate programs in t


The number of credits to graduate high school varies by state, and states also change the requirements periodically. As of 2014, Alabama students need to complete 24 credits to graduate from high school. By contrast, Arizona requires students to complete 23 credits to graduate.


The number of credits required for students to graduate high school is established at the state level. Many states establish general credit requirements for graduation. They also break down requirements by specific area.