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People can make purple heart monetary donations directly to the foundation online with a credit card at PurpleHeartFoundation.org. The Purple Heart Foundation also accepts monetary donations via mail and text.


Donations made to the Military Order of the Purple Heart, or MOPH, go to any member of the United States Armed Forces wounded in war by the enemy. Donations can also go to the surviving families of those who are killed in action or die from their wounds.


The charitable branch of the Military Order of the Purple Heart operates numerous donation centers across the East Coast, including states such as Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, as of 2015. It also accepts donations through its sister organization, GreenDrop, which may i


To donate lightly used items to the Military Order of the Purple Heart, go to PurpleHeartPickup.org and click on Schedule a Pick-up. On the designated day, label the items for Purple Heart and place them outside in the morning. You do not need to be home for the pick up.


Veterans awarded a Purple Heart receive it during a Purple Heart ceremony. The Purple Heart is a combat decoration given in the name of the U.S. President to members of the U.S. Armed Forces who get wounded in war or die in action or from injuries sustained in action. When awarded posthumously, it i


Organizations that pick up donations for veterans include Vietnam Veterans of America, Disabled American Veterans and Paralyzed Veterans of America. All three organizations accept donations of clothing and household items, and some pick up used vehicles as well.


James Garner and James Arness became well-known actors after being awarded Purple Hearts while serving in the military. Rod Serling, who created the classic television series, "The Twilight Zone," was also a Purple Heart recipient.


Veteran associations such as American Veterans, the Veterans Association of America and United Veterans pick up donated furniture, clothing and household goods. Donations made to these associations are tax deductible.


Many veterans donation organizations offer free donation pickups, though these must be prearranged and sufficient time allowed for the charity to organize the collection. Local charities often welcome donations and can arrange pickups, but for convenience, websites are available that match donors to


Purple Heart medal holders in all states are eligible for veterans' benefits, including health care benefits, education assistance, disability compensation and vocational training with employment assistance; in most states, they can also apply for special license plates. Purple Heart winners in New