The two types of pure substances are elements and compounds. A pure substance is that which consists of only one component with distinct chemical and physical properties. Any substance with more than one component is cal... More »

Elements and compounds are both pure substances because they cannot be split apart by physical or mechanical methods. Some examples of elements are nickel, carbon and oxygen, while some examples of compounds are water an... More »

A pure substance is any single type of material that has not been contaminated by another substance. Water is considered a pure substance if the water contains only hydrogen and oxygen. More »

Elemental mercury is a pure substance and its own element on the periodic table of elements. It can be combined with other elements to form compounds of various natures, such as mercury oxide. Mercury occurs naturally, b... More » Science Chemistry Atoms & Molecules

A molecule is a group of two or more atoms bonded together, while a compound is a group of two or more atoms bonded together where the atoms are from at least two types of elements. All compounds are also molecules, but ... More »

Water contains two types of elements, hydrogen and oxygen, and three atoms in total. Because hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and oxygen is also common, water is thought to be a common chemical throu... More »

There are two types of polymerization known as step-reaction polymerization or condensation and chain-reaction polymerization. These two types of polymerization both create high molecular mass molecules from monomers thr... More »