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Natural Balance Pet Foods issued a recall of multiple dog food products in 2012 due to possible salmonella contamination. In 2007, the company had multiple dog food recalls due to melamine contamination and a possible connection to a botulism outbreak.


Wellness cat food recall information is available on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website, at PetFoodTalk.com and Catster.com, as of 2015. Updated pet food recall information is also available on the Wellness Pet Food website and the American Veterinary Medical Association website.


In 2012, Taste of the Wild cat food was included in an ongoing recall that involved salmonella-contaminated dog and cat foods, states About.com and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The contaminated pet foods were produced at a Diamond Pet Foods manufacturing facility in Gaston, South


Stella & Chewy's, Natura Pet Products and Dogswell and Catswell are some cat food brands that have been recalled in the past. These animal food brands appear on the FDA list of recalls and withdrawals, as of Jan. 2016.


Wellness dog food's brand of Small Breed Adult Healthy Dry Dog Food was recalled in 2012 for moisture contamination. The second recall of 2012 was for Complete Health Super5Mix Large Breed Puppy bags of food, which had the possibility of salmonella. The company does not have any recent recalls.


Pureeing food requires equipment that liquefies, such as a blender or immersion blender. Meat and vegetables must be cooked first, typically steamed. Fruits do not require pre-cooking. Almost everything require the addition of water or broth to thin the mixture enough for pureeing.


CatChannel.com publishes current information about cat food recalls and alerts. This website has a list of pet food recalls with the date, recall reason, manufacturer response and a phone number or website that directs consumers on how to take appropriate action.


Potato basil puree and maple sweet potato puree are recipes for pureed foods. The first recipe takes 25 minutes of cook time, and the second takes 40 minutes.


Oma’s Pride Purr Brand, Nutrisca, Pet International Inc. and Primal Pet Food have all experienced pet food recalls in 2015 as of April 2015. Salmonella contamination was the reason for all the recalled products with the exception of Primal Pet Food, which was recalled due to low thiamine levels.


In 2014, the US Food and Drug Administration recalled Barkworthies Dog Treats, Simply Nourish Dog Treats, Bravo Dog and Cat Food, Pedigree Dog Food, and Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food. In most cases, these products were recalled because they contained traces of salmonella.