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Tips for making pureed foods for seniors include making sure the food is properly broken down but not liquid. It should be the consistency of thick pudding and still stable enough to mound in a spoon or on a fork. Meats, breads, soups, fruits and vegetables all need a slightly different preparation.


Many human foods are good for dogs, including yogurt, green beans and cored, seeded apples. Peanut butter is also a fairly healthy treat; it also makes a good distraction when stuffed into a Kong or other food-dispensing toy.


Dogs should never eat avocado, bread dough, chocolate, grapes, raisins, hops, moldy foods, onions, garlic, xylitol or dairy products. Dogs should also never drink alcohol, milk or caffeinated liquids. The extent of damage these foods and liquids can cause depends upon the dog's size and breed.


Humans can eat dog food; however, doing so is potentially harmful. Some dog foods are made with human-grade ingredients, while others contain animal-grade products that are not beneficial or safe for humans.


Diamond Naturals Dog Food is among the best cheap dog food brands. The dog food is lamb, beef or chicken-based, which provides dogs with an ample amount of protein.


In nuclear science, a pure element is a chemical element that consists of a singular stable isotope – that is, atoms of the same element. Examples of a pure element are gold, aluminium and fluoride.


Popular dog foods with natural ingredients and special formulas include brands such as Natural Balance, Addiction, Eagle Pack and Canidae. Among the larger commercial brands, best-selling dry brands include Iams, Pedigree and several of the Purina brands.


A pure metal is a substance that contains atoms of only one type of metallic element, such as aluminum, gold, copper, lead or zinc. Most metals very rarely, if ever, appear in their pure form in nature and instead must be extracted from a metal ore.


Some foods harmful to dogs include avocado, chocolate, grapes and raisins, macadamia nuts and xylitol from sugar-free gum or sugar-free baked goods, notes the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. All poisonous foods must be kept out of reach.


Many fruits and vegetables are safe for dogs to eat, including green beans, pumpkin and apple slices. Lean meats such as salmon or skinless chicken can also be good for dogs in moderation.