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How to Eat a Pomelo. Pomelos are tart citrus fruits a bit like grapefruits but less bitter. Whether you've had them before or just want to try a cool new food, you can pick the best pomelo and serve it up right. By preparing pomelo, using...


How to Eat a Pomelo. With the look of a grapefruit on steroids, a pomelo can be intimidating when you come across one in the store. But don't pass up this citrus fruit: the thick green or yellow rind encloses juicy, sweeter-than-grapefruit sections that taste like a slightly sour orange.


Botanists believe that the pomelo came before the grapefruit and that the grapefruit is a cross between a pomelo and an orange. As it ripens the skin typically turns from green to yellow although some green may remain on the peel even when at its ripest. The rind of a pomelo is quite thick, but once scored, fairly easy to peel.


How to Peel a Pomelo. A pomelo is a giant citrus fruit. It tastes a lot like grapefruit, but less bitter Pomelo and grapefruit. In order to get to that sweet flesh, however, you have to cut and peel past a very thick rind, and the bitter...


Learn more about the Pomelo fruit, including how to buy fresh pomelo, how to prepare it for eating or cooking, and its nutritional information. Learn more about the Pomelo fruit, including how to buy fresh pomelo, how to prepare it for eating or cooking, and its nutritional information.


The pomelo tastes sweet, but not excessively. Its sugar content – and calorie count – is lower than oranges, tangerines, clementines, etc. Pomelo health benefits and nutrition facts make it the perfect choice for weight loss, anti-aging, and other goals. While you can cook and bake with it, the best way to eat pomelo is raw.


Why It’s Time To Try Pomelos. by Kelli Foster (Image credit: jaboo2foto) ... The Best Ways to Eat a Pomelo. Next to the wonderful flavor, what I’ve come to love about eating pomelos is that it feels like an adventure. It takes work to get to the sweet, pulpy flesh. Though once you do, the reward is deep satisfying and worth every second of ...


You can also eat the peeled natural product areas plain, or dice them for use in plates of mixed greens, smoothies, mix fries and anyplace else you would utilize a pomelo or a grapefruit.You can eat pomelo areas with the extreme film in place, or peel this tidy sheet up to the segments before you eat them.


Unlike Grapefruit, pomelo has a thick skin, but it's sweet, fragrant and delicious. Pomelo is a very common and popular fruit in Viet Nam, and of course, I learned how to cut and peel pomelo from ...