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It is absolutely shocking how much hair one small dog can shed. A Labrador isn't exactly backward in shedding his hair, but in a competition with a pug, the pug wins. As a pug owner, you can't stop your pug from shedding, but you can take steps to minimize it.


It is said that dogs who are kept indoors, are prone to smaller fluctuations in coat thickness and tend to shed fairly evenly all year, and this is the case with most constantly shedding pugs. To help with pug shedding we compiled some of the best tips and tricks to help with your pug shedding!


All pugs-- young or old, black or fawn-- shed. To help minimize a pug-hair-don’t-care mindset, here are some tips to help you minimize pug shedding. 1. While both black and fawn pugs do shed, the former is known to shed slightly less than the latter. It so happens that black pugs got only a single layer of fur coat while fawn ones have two.


Below are some tips to help you minimize pugs shedding. Both fawn and black pugs do shed but black pugs are known to sheds slightly less than the fawn pugs. This is because black pugs got only a single layer of fur coat while fawn pugs have two. So, if you do not want much dog hair in the house, but you love pugs, choose a black pug and enjoy ...


Pugs love to eat and some human food such as sliced apples, (without the seeds), bananas, cucumbers, cooked lean meats, (no chicken bones), can help help your Pug not only shed less but stay hydrated.


And there really isn’t a way to stop the shedding. Not even shaving your pug will stop it, it merely makes the hairs shorter not less and can cause other health problems. But I am here to help with my 3 tips for minimising pug hair around the house. Tip 1 – Brush brush brush. The best way to reduce the amount of pug hair around the house is ...


Shedding: As mentioned in our Pug FAQ’s section, Pugs shed a lot. In fact, they shed more than a lot. They shed tons. If you read or hear anything to the contrary, you’re either getting misinformation, or the input of someone whose Pug is a rare exception to the norm. If you get a Pug, you’ll have fur all over the place.


Hi! Today I decided to make a video with different things my pug does, that I find funny or weird. This is just a small part of all the weird stuff he does, so it will probably be a part 2 later.


How to put a Stop to your Pug's Shedding. Posted by Twirly on November 28, 2007 at 3:30am; ... And it seems that black pugs shed less than fawn pug s. Now I see why most of my friends are black pugs. Views: 22962 ... All proceeds go to help keep PUGSLIFE growing. Pug Tote. Latest Activity.


Yes, you read right. Pick the right color if you want to deal with less Pug shedding. Although all Pugs are different and shedding can depend a lot on genetics, black pugs typically shed the least. This is because black Pugs usually do not have a double oat.