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Where to buy Puerto Rican Pasteles? On this page you will find the finest restaurants and local stores that carry Puerto Rican Pasteles. **To advertise your restaurant or store on this page contact info@puertoricanpasteles.com


One Dozen Pasteles. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 17 ... I was transported to Puerto Rico and Titi’s house in Barranquitas when I bit into these yummy Puerto Rican pasteles. Plenty of meat and all the genuine ingredients. ... This is the best way to enjoy Pasteles with out the work they are great they taste so good I order 2 doz at a time and ...


161 reviews of Pasteles Y Algo Mas "Accidentally made a wrong turn while visiting my mom in Rehab in NJ. Thank God I found it! I got 6 orders of puerto rican Pasteles! 4 cuban Sandwhiches( in my years of being restaurants ! Puerto Rican's make…


I am a Puerto Rican who resides in Oregon and there are ZERO Puerto Rican restaurants here. I have been desperately craving pasteles, pastelillos, etc for a very long time and I am hoping someone can link me a website where I can order some to be shipped online. Porfavor ayudame!


Best Answer: Do not buy pasteles online. I repeat ... Do not buy pasteles online. Do not even buy pasteles from someone you do not know. Only buy pasteles from someone you know or from a neighborhood spanish resturant. Puerto Ricans will tell you themselves to only get them from someone you know, or someone ...


Home >> Menu & Online Ordering >> Pasteles . Pasteles. 12.99 ... Puerto Rican style dumplings wrapped and boiled in green plantain leaf stuffed with seasoned pork and served with rice and pigeon peas and fried green plantains. 10.99 $ Pasteles (1) Pastel de plátano y yautia "Malanga" relleno con cerdo, envuelto en hoja de plátanos y servido ...


Welcome to Nuyorican Pasteles! My name is Monica Caridad Figueroa this is my family's little cocina (kitchen) where we bring a taste of Puerto Rico (with a little New York spice) home to you! Nuyorican Pasteles is a home based business. This is not a restaurant (but plans are in the works).


Welcome to the only page and company that offers "Original" PASTELES from Puerto Rico. We at Chulisnappy understand that PASTELES are very important to "El Boricua". Not only is it hard to make but it is hard to find all year round, unless of course you live in Puerto Rico. If you live in California, good luck in finding a restaurant.


Refund Policy. Refund Policies: If a purchaser wishes to return a Non-Pasteles item, we must receive the items along with the purchasers phone number, via trackable delivery FedEx, UPS, etc, certified mail. Puerto Rico Pasteles.Com will contact the purchaser to confirm, at that time the credit will be issued to the cardholder. Lost Stolen:


In modern times, Puerto Rican pasteles are sometimes made with rice or cassava flour. The filling for pasteles is traditionally made from pork, and the pasteles are covered in banana leaves and boiled to cook the dough. Puerto Rican pasteles often contain green peppers, cilantro and garlic to bring out the flavor of the meat.