Marital records are records of marriages from a county that issued the marriage licenses. A traditional marriage record includes the applicants' full names, ages, places of residence, occupations and places of birth. Som... More » Government & Politics Public Records published the 1921 Canadian Census in 2013. As of 2015, it is still available to the public for free on the website, which is the only resource aside from the Library and Archives Canada that offers the 1921 ... More » World View Social Sciences Population & Demography

Archival military records are considered part of the public record, but non-archival records remain subject to the Privacy Act, allowing the release of only limited information to the public. According to the National Ar... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Certified copies of marriage licenses are available from the county clerk in the Texas county where the marriage license was obtained. The Texas Vital Statistics Unit issues letters that verify if a marriage was recorded... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Online U.S. Census records provide information about family names, birth dates and locations, residency, marriages and occupations. The National Archives does not make Census information available online, but some compan... More » Government & Politics Public Records

North Carolina public records include adoption records; birth, death and marriage certificates; divorce records; and property-ownership and tax-value records. Additional records available to the public in North Carolina ... More » Government & Politics Public Records

There are many public records which can be accessed for free including birth and death certificates, marriage licences and divorce decrees, property records, and criminal records. Professional and business licenses are a... More »