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This publication discusses the tax treatment of distributions you receive from pension and annuity plans and also shows you how to report the income on your federal income tax return.


IRS Tax Map. Most distributions (both periodic and nonperiodic) from qualified retirement plans and nonqualified annuity contracts made to you before you reach age 591/2 are subject to an additional tax of 10%. This tax applies to the part of the distribution that you must include in gross income.


IRS Publication 575: A document published by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that provides information on how to treat distributions from pensions and annuities, and how to report income from ...


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Tax time can be particularly confusing when you have a pension or annuity income. According to the Internal Revenue Service, "If you receive retirement benefits in the form of pension or annuity payments from a qualified employer retirement plan, the amounts you receive may be fully taxable, or partially taxable."