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To get a free psychic reading, visit psychic-related websites such as ScientificPsychic.com, Whispy.com and follow the specific instructions provided. The-Medium-Maria.com also offers visitors a free psychic reading when they follow the given instructions.


Examples of resources for free psychic readings include websites such as BestFreePsychicReadings.com, FreePsychichNetwork.com and Psychicville.com. Psychic-Junkie.com is a website that provides links to places that offer free psychic readings.


A quick free psychic reading is a service that provides users with a fast reading on future events at no cost. Individuals often use these readings to learn more about future outcomes or to make a future decision.


As of 2015, there is no scientific basis or standard established to determine the accuracy of psychic readings. Some alleged reasons for inaccurate readings include fraudulent psychics, the path that the reading was based on has changed, and the psychic made a mistake.


Some types of psychic readings include aura readings, cartomancy, crystal ball readings, clairvoyant readings and astrology readings. Other types of psychic readings include psychometry, palmistry, rune readings, numerology and tarot card readings.


A psychic number is the total of the date of birth. For a person born on Oct. 26, 1985, the numbers two and six are added together, which means the psychic number is eight.


Consumers often find psychic readers in their areas through online review websites, business directories, local media, stores that specialize in new-age products, and recommendations from family and friends. Personal referrals are often the most reliable method, especia...