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PSA doubling time measures the time it takes the PSA level to double. For example, a PSA doubling time of 3 years means that, on average, the PSA level doubles every 3 years. PSA doubling time can help doctors find out if a prostate cancer is aggressive, which means it is more likely to grow quickly and spread.


‘Prostate-specific antigen doubling time of < 7.5 months and Gleason score are independent predictors of metastases-free survival…” They reported that compared to Gleason score of 6, men with Gleason score 7 carried a 1.75 times greater risk and Gleason score 8 – 10 a 3.44 times greater risk of developing metastatic disease.


PSA Doubling Time and Absolute PSA Predict Metastasis-Free Survival in Men With Biochemically Recurrent Prostate Cancer After Radical Prostatectomy Clin Genitourin Cancer 2019 Dec 01;17(6)470-475.e1, MC Markowski, Y Chen, Z Feng, J Cullen, BJ Trock, D Suzman, ES Antonarakis, CJ Paller, I Rosner, M Han, PC Walsh, AW Partin, M Eisenberger From ...


A prognostic impact of the PSA doubling time was also reported in another study, demonstrating a 10-year disease-specific survival rate of 30% for patients with a PSA failure and a PSA doubling time ≤6 months vs. 67% and 98% for those with PSA failure and doubling time >6-10 months and >10 months .


survival, but not time to metastases [7]. Third, a post hoc analysis of a clinical trial examining the efficacy of denosumab in men with M0 CRPC at high risk of metastases (PSA ≥8 ng/mL or PSADT ≤10 months) showed that a shorter PSADT was associated with shorter bone metastasis-free survival and time to bone metastasis [8]. Finally, an


In univariable analysis, older age, more remote year of mCRPC, nonblack race, greater number of bone metastasis, higher prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels, shorter PSA doubling time, and faster PSA velocity at mCRPC diagnosis were significantly associated with shorter overall survival (all P < .05).


If your PSA doubled in less than three months, your risk of dying from prostate cancer is much higher than that of a patient whose PSA doubling time was more than a year. If your PSA appeared on a blood test within three years after surgery, you are at a higher risk than a patient whose PSA returns within five years.


PSA Doubling Time Predicts Metastasis, Mortality Risks in CRPC PSA in Midlife Can Predict Later Risk of Prostate Cancer Mets The median metastasis-free survival (MFS) times differed significantly ...


Some evidence shows that faster-rising PSA levels may be a sign of cancer. Men who have a PSA level that doubles within a 3-month period tend to have a worse prognosis (outlook) compared to men whose PSA level does not double. This is also known as PSA doubling time. After radiation therapy


Last but not least, data on PSA at BCR, PSA doubling time, family history of aggressive PCa, tumour volume and micro-metastases in lymph nodes were not available for all patients included in our studies. Future well-designed studies could improve our model in terms of predictive power adding these variables. 5. Conclusions