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If you'd like a guide for playing movies on you PlayStation 3, follow the steps below. First, place the DVD of your choice into the PS3. There may already be a disc in there, so press your finger on the button directly below the cd tray that looks like a triangle with a line underneath it.


Hi, this video shows what happens when you put a DVD in a PS3. ... Can a ps3 superslim play a dvd and bluray - Duration: 2:42. Wolf Gws 17,845 views. 2:42.


Maybe it's an obvious question but I'm not sure. I know the PS3 can play Blu-Ray (duh) but can it also play DVDs (movies)? I'm assuming so but just making sure


PlayStation 3 is able to play Blu-ray discs and games with ease but fails to play DVD discs. In most cases, this falls to the category of configuration issue. Since you have brought a PS3 from a digital store, you will not keep your eyes on the configuration of the console itself.


Yes. Simply pop the DVD in where you would normally put in a game disc. It should start playing automatically. If it doesn't, navigate to the video icon (the one that looks like a section of film). The DVD icon should appear underneath it.


When using a USB adaptor to play video files, you may need to use a USB adaptor (not included) that supports copyright-protection features (to play copyright-protected files). When using a USB adaptor to play AVCHD-format video files saved on Memory Stick™ media, use a device that supports Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0).


Can the PS3 play regular DVDs? I was thinking about getting a PS3, but I have one question. Can it play normal DVDs or just Blu-Ray ones? All I have are normal DVDs. User Info: SuperScizor. SuperScizor - 10 years ago. Accepted Answer. Yes, it can play all DVDs for your region. User Info: stack0487.


The Sony PlayStation 3 is not just for playing your favorite video games. With a wired or wireless network connection, you can browse the Web, download content from the Internet, access the PlayStation Network and even play music files. The PS3 gaming console is also capable of playing CDs, Blu-ray media and DVDs.


When you make sure your DVD has the same area code as the PS3, then you can easily play the DVD on the PS3 by simply inserting the DVD into the PS3 and following the on-screen instructions. Second, if the area code of your DVD is not the same as that in the PS3 console, you can't play DVD movies directly on the PS3.


Method 1 DVD/Blu-ray. Start up your PS3. Log in if needed. Put your DVD or Blu-ray disc into the PS3. Start the movie. Normally, the movie should start itself. If not, go to the video section in your XMB menu and press the X button on the title of your movie to start it up.