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Citrus trees such as orange trees grow well in climates where winters are temperate and there are no freezing temperatures. In Arizona, the desert regions in much of the state are perfect for citrus trees. In fact, oranges and other citrus fruits are grown commercially in parts of the state. Orange trees do not require routine pruning.


Citrus trees bear their fruit at the tips of branches while other fruit varieties usually set fruit all along the branch. Pruning of deciduous trees forces the setting of fruit back onto the larger and stronger branches found deeper in the tree canopy.


Pruning later in the year tends to hold shape longer during the fall and winter months when tree growth slows down. Be careful about elevating lower branches on young trees.


ARIZONA COOPERATIVE E TENSION 07/08 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences AZ1455. Introduction. Pruning is a common task necessary for best production of many common fruit trees. Most types of deciduous . trees are pruned to invigorate the tree, to improve branch configuration, and thus make branches less likely to split


While the climate in Arizona is great for citrus tree growing, not everyone understands how to properly care for these trees. One of the largest and most common mistakes made, is knowing when and how to prune a citrus tree. While many stress over ‘when’ to prune a citrus tree, this is not the most significant question.


In conclusion, I would like to re-emphasize that knowing when to trim citrus trees is not nearly as important as understanding how to trim citrus trees. The number one rule in knowing when to trim citrus trees is the sun. The number one rule in knowing how to trim citrus trees is minimalism. Remember, they are actually just large bushes.


One of the four major citrus-growing areas of the United States, the mild-winter section of Arizona has the long, hot summers and mostly frost-free conditions necessary for growing orange trees (Citrus sinensis), which thrive in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 11.


Remove damaged or dead branches using a pair of pruning shears or a pruning saw. Remove branches that grow inward, in order to give the citrus tree a groomed appearance. Apply a whitewash to the cut areas of the citrus trees using a paintbrush. Covering the cuts will help protect the citrus trees from the strong Arizona sunshine.


How do you go about trimming an orange tree and when is the best time to prune orange trees? Read on to learn more. Orange Tree Pruning. Why should you prune citrus such as orange trees? Pruning orange trees can improve aeration and increase light through the canopy, thus improving fruit quality and yield.