Hydrangeas should be pruned at different times depending upon whether they flower on old or new growth. Hydrangeas that flower on new growth should be pruned in the spring or fall when the plant is dormant. Ones that flo...

Prune hydrangeas by starting at the right time of year, removing dead or damaged stems and dead-heading bushes.This process takes only a few minutes. You need a pair of pruning shears and some pruning scissors.

Hydrangeas do not require pruning. Gardeners can prune hydrangeas if the plants have outgrown their spaces or if they have grown unruly and need shaping. The right time to prune a hydrangea depends on its type.


Prune azalea plants in mid-summer by trimming off thin branches and damaged growth at the point where the stems join the main trunk or other branches. Follow a severe pruning with lighter shoot trimming after new growth ...

Prune azaleas in spring before they start showing new growth. Use sharp hand shears or loppers to first remove dead branches or branches in shade. Try to always trim back to just above a dormant bud.

Pruning a red-tip bush, also known as a red-tip photinia, encourages it to produce more red growth. Items needed to prune red-tip bushes include long-handled loppers and garden shears.

Prune a holly tree by donning protective clothes, inspecting the tree, removing dead and damaged wood, pruning awkward branches and thinning dense growth. You need pesticides, a ladder, pruning shears and a saw.