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Southern California's subtropical climate makes it the perfect growing region for oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, tangerines and other citrus fruits. Citrus ripens during winter months and waiting until the season is over to trim your citrus tree ensures you get the largest crop. Unlike other fruit trees, ...


The question is, how to prune a lemon tree and when is the best time to prune lemon trees? About Lemon Tree Pruning. While pruning lemon trees back will engender larger, healthier fruit, citrus wood is strong, and thus, less likely to break under the weight of a bumper crop than other fruiting trees.


Virtually all major species of citrus do well in the frost-free or low-frost areas of Southern California, according to the University of California Davis Extension. As a rule, citrus trees require very little pruning for fruiting performance.


Before pruning a citrus tree, always dip the pruning equipment in a solution of 1 part bleach and 3 parts tap water. This helps sanitize the pruning equipment and minimizes the risk of ...


I don’t know the differences in flowering habits of citrus in Florida compared to California, but a sure way to not prune off flowers is to prune while the tree is flowering. For example, I often do some pruning of my citrus trees in March or April here in Southern California because at that time I can see where the flowers are and how much ...


PRUNING CITRUS Page 1 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA COOPERATIVE EXTENSION PLACER & NEVADA COUNTIES Pruning Citrus Citrus are evergreen trees, thus generally require less pruning than deciduous trees. However, they do need to be pruned regularly for optimal fruit


Dwarf citrus trees benefit from annual pruning to shape the tree, help fruit ripen, promote maximum fullness and keep the tree healthy. Gardeners can prune indoor citrus trees at any time. Prune outdoor citrus trees in the summer to fall when the blossoms begin to develop fruit. Since the trees are small, pruning ...


–To skirt up the tree. This is the act of pruning the lowest hanging branches on a tree. Some citrus trees, including Satsuma mandarins, tend to have long branches that hang to the ground, known as skirt branches. Skirt branches can impede weeding, fertilizer and compost application, and provide pathways for ants.


How to Prune Citrus Trees. Pruning is an important part of keeping your citrus trees productive and healthy. At least once a year, perform a close inspection of your tree. Look for diseased, dead, or infested branches that need to be...