Litotes are rhetorical figures of speech used in poetry and prose in which emphasis is gained by understated negation. The phrase, "He's not a rocket scientist," could be considered an example. More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

Individualism, reverence for nature, exoticism and an emphasis on intuition over reason are all elements of Romantic poetry. Some poets whose work embodies these traits are William Wordsworth, William Blake, Samuel Taylo... More »

Theodore Roethke's "Root Cellar" is a poem that uses several different figures of speech. Alliteration, metaphor, personification and simile are some of the major figures of speech that are most prominent throughout this... More »

The poet Alfred Lord Tennyson uses several figures of speech throughout his poem "Ulysses." The narrator Ulysses describes himself as "roaming with a hungry heart," which is a metaphor comparing himself to a predatory an... More »

Robert Frost's poem "Fire and Ice" uses figures of speech such as paradox, synecdoche, understatement and alliteration. A paradox has contradictory elements that might be true, a synecdoche is a part of something that re... More »

A metrical romance poem is a type of prose poem that was especially popular during the Renaissance. These poems do not rhyme and deal with themes such as love, rites of passage, chivalry, adventure and interpersonal rela... More »

The two divisions of literature are prose and poetry. While prose is written in a straightforward manner to appeal to the reader's intellect, poetry has a more rhythmic, imaginative tone used to awaken the reader's emoti... More »