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As of 2015, the pros of Chase Freedom credit card include the ability to redeem rewards for gift cards, flights and merchandise; unlimited rewards without expiration; and high cash back rewards, according to About.com. Its drawback is the requirement to sign up to obtain the 5 percent cash back prem


Some pros of teens under 18 getting a credit card include being able to learn about budgeting and money management, as well as building up their credit scores, notes U.S. News & World Report. A drawback is that teens might not spend money wisely and don’t understand the ramifications of abusing a cr


A prepaid debit card from BancorpSouth and other institutions controls spending in the sense that an individual only spends money that is loaded on the card, states Credit.com. On the other hand, a prepaid debit card may have expensive subscriptions for opening and retaining the account.


As of 2015, the pros of a Citi Diamond Preferred credit card include a low regular annual percentage rate and a lengthy introductory rate on purchases and balance transfers, according to About.com. The main drawback of the card is the lack of points or cash rewards on purchases.


According to The Houston Chronicle, boxing is a good form of cardiovascular exercise. Boxing also requires flexibility training, which alleviates stress in the neck muscles. There are also risks when boxing including head injuries, fractured noses and lacerations.


Although food additives can improve the appearance, taste, safety, nutritional quality or shelf life of foods, they sometimes affect health adversely by causing reactions in sensitive individuals. Used in far larger amounts than are common in foods, some additives may even cause cancer.


The main benefit of socialism is the smaller amount of inequalities between all citizens, but socialism can lead to communism, which has been shown to fail in the past. There are many definitions of socialism but, in general, a socialist society has a larger and more powerful government that is mean


While the cons of war are myriad, including loss of life (both military and civilian), extreme economic strain and political or social disputes at home, there are nevertheless times when war may be said to be justified, such as when it functions as a measure of national self-defense or else as a mea


Technology is a powerful teaching aid that allows anyone with an Internet connection to access a wealth of information. It has increased communication and connectivity all over the world and has created a thriving new industry that provides employment for millions of people. However, technology also


Relative to public relations and other forms of marketing communication, advertising offers a business greater control of its messages and the ability to adapt over time, while primary drawbacks include cost and the fact that there is no guarantee of a reasonable return on investment. Additionally,