Four types of fossil fuels include the traditional fossil fuels of oil, coal and natural gas, and a third propriety fuel developed by British Petroleum known as Orimulsion. Fossil fuels are found within the Earth and are... More »

Located in the middle of the 13 original colonies, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware were propriety colonies, ruled by landowners granted the land by the rulers of England, France and the Netherlands. More »

The garden path in "Patterns" by Amy Lowell is one of the symbols used to represent the constraints of social propriety on women during the time. The poem is about a woman who has learned that her fiance has died in the ... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

Common examples of fossil fuels include natural gas, oil, peat and coal. These fuels are organic biomass extracted from the remains of primitive organisms that roamed the planet millions of years ago. More »

Coal, oil and natural gas are three main types of fossil fuels. Fossils fuels are combustible materials that are formed over millions of years by the decomposition of plant and animal life. More »

Estimates of the amount of time that fossil fuels, oil, coal and gas, may last differs based upon estimates of remaining reserves and the predicted rate of usage. The estimates change over time as new reserves are discov... More »

Fossil fuels include oil, natural gas and coal. Coal is commonly extracted through deep mining, but surface mining is a less expensive alternative. Oil is reached through the drilling of nonporous rock barriers that trap... More » Science Chemistry Organic Chemistry