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A landowner interested in selling the trees on her property for lumber needs to know the different values of the trees based on the sale method as well as the work involved in each option. She also needs to know how to locate a reputable buyer and applicable laws.


Trees used for lumber include oak, maple, birch, cherry, walnut, pine, redwood, hemlock, fir and spruce. These trees are classified as hardwood or softwood; hardwood typically consists of deciduous trees.


The many ways to sell old lumber include selling it on Craigslist, selling to local artists or woodworkers, and contacting local lumber yards for offers. It may also be possible to donate old lumber for a tax deduction by contacting organizations such as Habitat for Hum...


Lumber prices are determined by what type of wood is being sold, the wood grade and the measurements. This includes softwoods, paneling, molding, flooring and wood shingles or shakes. Wood sold for fuel is priced differently than lumber intended for construction.


Piedmont Land & Timber in Greensboro, North Carolina, Matson Lumber Company in Brookville, Pennsylvania, and East Perry Lumber Company in Frohna, Missouri, are among the companies that purchase timber. Each company has a website with contact information for those wantin...


Factors that can influence the price of lumber including the amount of new homes currently under construction, the use of pesticides, lost lumber due to lack of pesticides, and competition within the logging community. Environmental factors also exist and can play a par...


Greenwood, produced by Eagle One; Bear Board, a product of Bear Board Engineered Plastic; and RPI plastic lumber, available from Recycled Plastics Industries, are among recycled lumber product names. Fiberforce, Selectforce and Barforce are recycled plastic lumber produ...