A letter of intent begins with a formal business heading addressed to a specific person and includes that person's position and company name or college. The first paragraph describes the purpose of the letter and how the... More »

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The proper format for an immigration letter includes a brief introduction of the letter's author, outlining his relationship to the applicant seeking immigration, and a description of the applicant's positive character t... More »

The proper format for a certificate of employment letter should include an opening paragraph introducing the writer and stating the purpose of the letter, with subsequent paragraphs identifying the employee in question a... More »

A personal biography follows a template or format that begins with a person's name, business or position, a few fun facts about personality features and contact information, such as a website, online portfolio, email add... More »

Write an exit letter, or resignation letter, by announcing an intent to resign, noting the last day on the job, and acknowledging positive aspects of having worked in the position. Keep the letter's tone professional and... More »

To write a letter of intent for a nursing position, tailor the letter to relate to the position, highlight qualifications and education and show enthusiasm for the job. Use the letter of intent as a cover letter when sub... More »

Quit a job professionally and respectfully by submitting a letter or other formal communication to your supervisor with ample notice before your intent to leave, schedule a meeting to discuss the transfer of responsibili... More »

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