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Addressing an envelope is a simple process requiring proper placement of a return address, delivery address and stamp. As long as these things are in their correct places, the letter is liikely to be delivered with no problems.


The United States Flag Code states that the American flag should never fly upside down, except when used as a distress signal, and that it should not touch anything beneath it. The union should be at the top of the staff or flagpole, unless the flag is at half-staff.


Proper funeral etiquette is to be sober, sincere and polite to the bereaved. This includes dressing in semi-formal clothing in neutral colors, leaving electronics in a different location, not monopolizing the time of the bereaved and not placing too many mental or emoti...


Proper American flag etiquette for U.S. citizens includes standing at attention and saluting when the flag passes in a parade or is raised or lowered. The U.S. Flag Code, passed by Congress in 1942, provides guidelines regarding American flag etiquette. It can be access...


Proper etiquette for an open house starts before the party, with the sending of an RSVP. On the date of the event, be sure to bring a small gift for the host or hostess and stick to the areas designated for party-goers. Depending on the location of the event, dress in c...


Proper etiquette for a second wedding is much the same as etiquette for a first wedding. Being respectful and polite is the most important rule of etiquette for a second wedding.


Etiquette is important because it is a sign of respect for other people, and it can make a significant difference in personal and business relationships. Colleagues, friends and significant others are more likely to want to cooperate with you if you practice good etique...