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In order to develop proper dribbling, passing and shooting skills, it’s important that you work with a basketball that’s properly inflated. Most kids practice with a basketball that is over-inflated. Then when they get in a game the ball feels dead and they haven’t developed the arm strength to dribble it properly.


A regulation basketball used in NBA play is inflated to an air pressure between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds of pressure per square inch. Many balls are inflated to the average pressure of 8 pounds. Regulating a basketball's air pressure ensures fair playing conditions throughout a league. A ball's internal air pressure determines the height of its bounce.


Proper Inflation of a Basketball by Josephine Corcoran and Ralph Rackstraw Revised by Alan Stockton for Astronomy 110 Abstract This paper describes an experiment to determine how to correctly inflate a basketball using a hand pump.


If you like the title of this section, "Does It Matter How Much Air Is In Your Basketball?" you could use it as the title for your project. Or if you prefer, you could use one of these titles: ... You'll also determine whether the manufacturer's recommendation for the proper inflation rate gives the ball its best bounce.


Basketballs are measured by circumference, inflation pressure or weight. According to USA basketball, balls should be made of leather or synthetic leather. A properly inflated ball of the correct size for level of play is important to ensure safety and skill development.


For a 29.5″ basketball (mens) and a 28.5″ basketball (womens), the recommended air pressure range is 7 - 9 PSI. The irony is almost no one has a gauge to accurately check the PSI rating on a basketball while inflating it because most pumps aren’t ...


A regulation NBA basketball must contain between 7 1/2 and 8 1/2 pounds of pressure per square inch, or PSI. The ball also must exhibit an official NBA approval mark. At the beginning of an NBA game, each team must have access to six balls during the warm-up period.