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Mix - 6 Scientific Findings That Prove Cats Are Evil YouTube; 4 Bulls#!% Facts That Movies Love to Quote - Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder - Duration: 7:02. Cracked 2,166,220 views.


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This must be proof that cats are evil Kitties Playing Nurse Take Their Job Very Seriously


One cat attacks, cats are evil. 13 humans died per year by dogs and it is the owners fault. I guess the old rule is still true. Since cats attack and their owners are not at fault, cat knows what they are doing, therefor cat are smart. This is by your own logic, cats are evil. Evil means that they know what is right and what is wrong.


Proof that cats are evil, purr evil. CATS. Even if you love them, you can't deny they are soulless creatures ripped from the belly of Satan himself. Here's the proof. NOTE: cat may attack even ...


Proof that Cats are Evil Creatures from Hell {17 Comments} on September 22, 2014 ← Previous Post. ... Maybe the next one will be a poop in the image of Satan, since these cats are from Hell. ... More proof that we have them right where they want us.


Great conquerors and kings identified themselves with the sun and utilized its impartial spirit to ensure the loyalty of their subjects. Countless religious ceremonies and monuments, cultural pageants, and seasonal festivals around the world can be traced back to the ancient worship of the sun or related to it through agriculture and fertility rites.


We aren't saying get rid of your cat but, yeah, maybe get rid of your cat. ... 6 Scientific Findings That Prove Cats Are Evil; 6 Scientific Findings That Prove Cats Are Evil. By Cody Johnston ...


Cats only worship one thing: themselves. That, at least, is what we've always believed, but then we discovered these pictures. Because as you can see from this terrifying list compiled by Bored Panda, cats also worship something else...THE DEVIL! That's right. You might think your cat is out roaming ...