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The Newtonian idea of gravity was nice and simple, then Einstein turned things upside down, and even that isn’t the end of the story. Read more. 2. Gravity mysteries: Why does gravity only pull?


Gravity Does Not Exist! If you fill a balloon with helium, a substance lighter than the nitrogen, oxygen and other elements which compose the air around it, the balloon will immediately fly upwards. If you fill a balloon with hydrogen, a substance even lighter than helium, the balloon will fly upwards even faster.


Gravity does not exist! Gravity is just a theory, an unproven theory, thought up by an occultist to explain away everything that doesn't make sense about living on a spinning ball.


This is not an explanation without gravity, but according to general relativity, this is the mechanism behind gravity. By no means should one conclude that gravity does not exist. Apart from this, the existence of gravity is certainly verified by observation (be it in everyday life or complicated experiment).


Gravity exists. Einstein realized that gravity isn’t what Newton thought — it’s a “fictitious force” like centrifugal force, where a corresponding real force actually has the opposite origin and direction from what we imagine when we presume we’re...


you know, im not sure about the country your from but we in malaysia were required to run physics experiments proving the existence of gravity in our classes. Gravity is defined in mathematical form as: where G is gravitational constant, m1 and 2 ...


The issue if this huge flat disc is just floating in e then what shape are other objects round plas exist it s more plausible that horizontal earth flat earthers just held a conference latest is seriously incredible iflscience britain s first flat earth conference definite proof that gravity doesn t existGravity Doesn T Exist […]


This leaves Newton utterly confused as Lagrange talks about the apple’s energy, but does not name any type of attraction between the apple and the Earth. But Lagrange does not need a force of attraction to describe the apple’s fall. As he sees it, gravity only exists in Newton’s head.


The theoretical physicist believes that gravity is an emergent phenomenon, not the elemental "force" that Newton and Einstein theorized it to be. ... Verlinde's idea that gravity doesn't exist was ...