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Project management is the process of initiating, overseeing and finalizing every aspect of a project. The phrase is most often used in a business or government context, referring to the management of a specific set of production activities.


Project management is important because it helps companies get the most organization and production for their money. They are in charge of managing personnel to get a job done in a timely manner as inexpensively as possible.


Project management tips include noting down project details, identifying project requirement, playing a leadership role and defining project milestones. Clear and effective communication is important to the success of any project.


Risk management is an approach in which an organization explores identifies, analyzes and mitigates the risks that can affect a project, according to project-management.com. The purpose of risk management is to protect the project from financial, social, cultural, environmental and other related ris


A software project manager's primary duties involve making sure all members of the project team understand their roles and have the necessary resources to do their jobs successfully. The manager is also responsible for developing a plan for the project and creating a schedule for its release.


Becoming a Project Management Professional, or PMP, requires a combination of work experience, education and successful completion of a certification exam. The PMP designation is administered by Project Management Institute, and applicants must meet the qualifications before attempting the certifica


Important skills for a project manager include communication, organization, leadership, problem solving and knowledge of metrics. These skills are essential for a project manager to be effective in her role of ensuring that project deliverables meet specifications, achieve quality standards and that


The traditional linear model is one the easiest project management techniques to use, and projects are set up in five step-by-step stages. Another technique involving five simple steps is the define, measure, analyze, improve and control method, abbreviated as DMAIC. The rapid application developmen


Features of most project portfolio management software include data tracking for current projects, tools for analyzing time, assets and costs of future projects, and financial and resource management and analysis to help a business deploy human and financial resources in the most cost-effective mann


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