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The function keys, which are labelled as F1, F2, F3 and so on, up to F12, have different uses, depending on the operating system that is installed in a computer and the program that is active. Function keys are at times used with special keys such as Ctrl and Alt.


Function keys on a keyboard run from F1 to F12 and accomplish specific purposes depending on the current operating system and the program running on the computer. A user can use each of the function keys independently, trigger a second function by pressing the FN key, or use them in combination with


While keyboard standards are different around the world, the U.S. standard is 101 keys. Additional keys, such as the Windows key, may be added for special operating system functions.


The Encyclopedia Britannica states that the standard number of keys on a modern piano is 88. A piano with that number of keys has a compass, or range of notes, of seven complete octaves plus a few keys.


In the United States, standard computer keyboards have two shift keys. One of these keys is on the left side directly below the "caps lock" and the other is on the right side directly below the enter key.


A computer keyboard is a device used to provide alphanumeric input. Typical keyboards are attached to a computer via USB port or wireless signal. Other types of devices utilize on-screen keyboards.


A full-sized piano has 88 keys; 52 white and 36 black that span seven octaves. Originally, pianos were modified harpsichords and had 60 keys that mimicked its predecessor's five octaves.


Shift; Alt; Control; Scroll Lock, Num Lock and Caps Lock; and Print Screen are some of the special function keys that are included on a PC keyboard. Each one performs a different function on its own, while some are also used in combinations for keyboard shortcuts.


The print screen key allows users to take a picture of the image on their computer screen. In order to view this image, paste it into a document in a compatible program.


Function keys provide enhanced functionality to the keyboard, making it more than just a primary tool for entering data into the computer. Each function key performs different tasks in different programs. Modern keyboards typically come with 12 function keys.