To change your profile picture on Facebook, sign into your Facebook account, hover your mouse to the upper right corner of the existing profile picture, click Change Picture, then choose the new picture to upload. This p... More » Technology Social Media

Users looking for fame on Facebook should consider their profile pictures, the frequency of their comments and posts and their number of friends. By carefully cultivating an image and interacting frequently, users may in... More »

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To make a friend request on Facebook, find the person's profile using their name or email address, go to their profile, and click the Add Friend button. The person is notified that you want to add them as a friend. More »

To send a friend request on Facebook, find the profile of the person you want to befriend, and click the Add Friend button on the top of their timeline. When they accept your friend request, they are added to your list o... More » Technology Social Media

To tag one or more friends in photos on Facebook, click the "Tag Photo" button on any photo and then click on individual faces or parts of the picture to start typing names. Always click the "Done Tagging" button to save... More » Technology Social Media