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As a product of its prime factors: 2*2*2*5 = 40 As a product of its prime factors: 2*2*2*7 = 56 As a product of its prime factors: 3*13 = 39


40 (or -40). The "mean proportional" is usually called the geometric mean. For two numbers, it is the square root of their product. In this case, the product is 1600, and the square root is 40.


In mathematics, a product is the result of multiplying, or an expression that identifies factors to be multiplied. Thus, for instance, 30 is the product of 6 and 5 (the result of multiplication), and ⋅ (+) is the product of and (+) (indicating that the two factors should be multiplied together).. The order in which real or complex numbers are multiplied has no bearing on the product; this is ...


Products of Digits Date: 03/02/2003 at 18:24:08 From: Liz Subject: Product of digits The product of digits in the number 234 is 24: 2*3*4 = 24. Can you describe a general procedure for figuring out how many x-digit numbers have a product equal to p, where x and p are counting numbers?


Special Products. There are two special products that should be mentioned. 1. The product of any number times 1 is that number. You learned this in the multiplicative identity property example above.


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