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How to manage a difficult supervisor 3. ... With so much written about handling the problem employee, the difficult or problem supervisor sometimes is overlooked. ... The one bad strategy that is likely to never work is to be insubordinate or disrespectful to the difficult supervisor. Do not take on the supervisor yourself.


I have been having problems with my supervisor for around 3 years. My supervisor is a lady that loves to micromanage me and be in control and belittle me at every chance she gets. Earlier this year my 4 ½ year old daughter passed away in a auto accident and I used all of my leave from work and on top of that I put in a Family and Medical Leave pack in with my employer where I received Donated ...


2) Prepare an agenda for every meeting. Supervisors are busy and your work is just one of the hundred things on their minds. When you come to a meeting with a clear agenda, you will immediately get your supervisor’s attention so you can focus on the problems that need to be resolved.If there are any forms that need to be signed, or manuscripts that need to be reviewed, bring them to the meeting.


There comes a time in every working woman's life when problems at work start to build up, necessitating a visit to the supervisor's office. Problems at work can run the gamut from conflicts with co-workers or customers to issues with work assignments and personal problems that spill over into your professional life. ...


“There are the work-specific problems related to promotions, salary disparity, lack of recognition for achievement, or shared responsibility among a team. ... Let your supervisor know what is ...


Work problems can cause a lot of stress in your life, and are important to resolve since so much of your time is spent in the workplace. Some of the most common work problems are issues with your job itself--too much work, for example, or feeling ill-equipped to perform the tasks---and managing day-to-day stress at work.


Scheduling work hours and shifts. Coordinating job rotation and cross-training. Providing real-time feedback on worker performance. Sharing company updates, financial results and new objectives with team members. Assisting in resolving emergencies. For example, a quality or a customer problem may be escalated to the team supervisor for handling.


The Two Types of Supervisory Problems. ... Lack of understanding of the supervisor’s standard for a good work product. ... but this should not prompt the supervisor to take responsibility for such problems. The supervisor can’t solve them. He can only aid their solution by the employee.


Workplace issues such as low job satisfaction, sexual harassment, and bullying occur for many workers, some of whom spend nearly a third of their lives at work.


There's an art in how to resolve problems at work without creating more problems. If you're in the 70-something percentile of people who are disengaged at work (as reported by the Society of Human Resources Management) and you know your reasons are directly related to your work environment, you prob...