When the state of Texas legal system deems a parolee to be in violation of their probation a motion to revoke probation is filed, and if granted, an arrest warrant may be issued. Before probation can be revoked, a probat... More »

A probation revocation can result in the reinstatement of any and all previous penalties that were suspended as a result of probation, according to Nolo. This depends on the nature of the original offense and the violati... More »

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The penalty for violating probation in Florida varies depending on the circumstances of the case, according to Florida criminal trial lawyer Richard E. Hornsby. If found guilty, a judge can motion to reinstate probation,... More »

A probation warrant is a warrant for arrest when an individual under probation violates the rules of his probation, according to the Nashville Criminal Lawyer Blog. A probation violation can be as simple as missing a mee... More »

An "Indiana warrant" is an arrest warrant issued in Indiana. According to the Cornell University Law School Legal Information Institute, a warrant is issued when there is information or probable cause leading to the beli... More »

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If a person misses a court date, a judge likely issues a bench warrant for the person's arrest, according to the Legal Aid Society. The warrant may be cleared if the individual reports to the Central Clerk's office where... More »

If someone misses jury duty, the person could face an arrest warrant, fines or jail time. Those who miss jury duty should call the Office of the Jury Commissioner to have the date rescheduled and avoid penalties. More »