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PROBABLE CAUSE STATEMENT FORM Page 1 of 2 Date: January 26, 2014 Report Number: 1400100 I, Detective Mark D. Seneker of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office (Name and identify law enforcement officer, or person having information as to probable cause.)


PROBABLE CAUSE STATEMENT FORM Date: 05~19-201l I, Det. Maggie McGuire #4664,., '. [Nmhc and identify law enforcement officer. or person having information as probable cause.] knowing that false statements on this form are punisroble by law, state that the fact'> contained herein 3l'e true. 3814 N. Forest Ave. Clay 1.


STATEMENT OF PROBABLE CAUSE . I, _ _____, knowing that false statements on this form are punishable (NAME) by law, state that the facts contained on this form is true.


How to Write a Probable Cause Statement. When the police want a search warrant or an arrest warrant, they must convince a judge that probable cause exists to either search someone's property or to arrest them. In order to convince the...


An affidavit of probable cause is a sworn statement, typically made by a police officer, that outlines the factual justification for why a judge should consent to an arrest or search warrant or why an arrest made during a crime-in-progress was based on solid evidence that the person in custody is the person who is likely to have committed the crime.


A probable cause statement is a fact-based written account of the evidence and circumstances associated with a crime. It is information provided by law enforcement to support the assertion that a suspect committed the crime.


statement(s) of facts, made a part hereof and submitted as a basis upon which this court may find the existence of probable cause. Wherefore, the Prosecuting Attorney prays that an arrest warrant be issued as provided by law.


Instructions for Sample Criminal Complaint Template – Revised February 2, 2007 (ITD_SP_0461a) Page 3 of 4 Statement of Probable Cause. In the Statement of Probable Cause page-long field, provide your narrative statement. Complainant’s Information.

www.northwesternda.org/sites/default/files/PC statement homicide1.pdf

1 STATEMENT OF PROBABLE CAUSE 1. On Sunday, June 24, 2012, approximately 12:00 pm, the Hampshire Detective Unit responded to Huntington, Massachusetts to assist with what, at that time, was believed to be


Documents & Forms. Heart of America RCFL forms, documents, publications, and brochures. ... Letter template for submitting images to be reviewed for newly identified victims. ... This form will briefly but thoroughly set out the probable cause for the warrant. Normally, this can be a cut and paste from your Kansas warrant.