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Proactive Interference. Difficulty in learning new information because of already existing information. For example, an English speaking person may have greater difficulty learning Spanish because of his or her tendency to want to apply English grammar to the new language.


Proactive Interference is when you memorize a list of information (words, names, ideas, formulas, and just about anything else that can be made into a list), and when remembering a later part of ...


Proactive interference. Proactive interference, also known as Proactive inhibition, is the interference of older memories with the retrieval of newer memories. Of the two effects of interference theory, proactive interference is considered the less common and less problematic type of interference compared to retroactive interference.


Retroactive Interference. Retroactive interference is when a person has difficulty recalling old information because of newly learned information. For example, you may have difficulty skiing because of recently learning how to snowboard. See also: Proactive Interference


Define Proactive interference. Proactive interference synonyms, Proactive interference pronunciation, Proactive interference translation, English dictionary definition of Proactive interference. or n psychol the tendency for earlier memories to interfere with the retrieval of material learned later.


Interference is an explanation for forgetting in long term memory. The basic theory states that interference occurs when information that is similar in format gets in the way of the information that someone is trying to recall. There are two types of interference; retroactive and proactive.


Proactive interference causes people to forget knowledge and ideas that have been learned recently because of interference from old memories. On the other hand, retroactive interference occurs when recently learned information makes the mind forget previously learned information.


WHAT DOES PROACTIVE INTERFERENCE MEAN IN ENGLISH? Interference theory. Interference theory is theory regarding human memory. Interference occurs in learning when there is an interaction between the new material and transfer effects of past learned behavior, memories or thoughts that have a negative influence in comprehending the new material ...


Even though proactive and retroactive interference are exactly in contrast when it comes to their occurrence and the manner in which they occur, there are quite a few similarities between the two. The first similarity between the two is that both of them are based on the Interference theory .


Retroactive interference synonyms, Retroactive interference pronunciation, Retroactive interference translation, English dictionary definition of Retroactive interference. or n psychol the tendency for the retention of learned material or skills to be impaired by subsequent learning, esp by learning of a similar kind.