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Some ways to find a private English tutor include searching tutor directories online, contacting the student's school or college and checking with tutoring agencies and nonprofits to find out if they have English tutors available. Noodle.com and WyzAnt.com are two websites on which users can find pr


Aspiring tutors need to determine their subject expertise, develop a client base and decide on their pay rate. Private tutoring can be a source of extra income or a full-time job.


To tutor someone, make yourself aware of the concepts being taught in that student's class, particularly those with which the student struggles. Work proactively by familiarizing yourself with the concepts that the student has not yet reached in that course and asking the student what difficulties s


To hire a home tutor, consider checking the references, background and work eligibility. Other things to consider include education level, experience, teaching style and qualities such as patience, honesty and reliability. The cost of hiring a home tutor depends on the education level of a student a


Some websites that help users to find tutoring services are WyzAnt.com, TutorMatch.com and UniversityTutor.com. WyzAnt is limited to the United States, while TutorMatch and UniversityTutor allow for tutor searches all over the world.


Becoming an online tutor can be as simple as posting an ad on Craigslist.org or a gig on Fiverr.com advertising tutoring services. Professional, dedicated online tutoring sites such as Tutor.com and TutorVista.com often have a rigorous application and screening process including background checks an


One of the advantages to learning Japanese from a private Japanese tutor is that the tutor speaks the language very well. A native Japanese speaker can help individuals learn to speak, read, and write even very obscure words, and the tutor's knowledge of both the language and Japanese culture can he


To start a tutoring business, choose a business name, find a location for the business, create a service menu, develop policies and procedures, and hire qualified tutors. A graphic designer can help to create a website, brochure, logo and business cards to promote the business.


Online typing tutors include SpeedTypingOnline.com and Typing.com. Both sites offer typing tutor lessons online for free, as of June 2015. SpeedTypingOnline.com allows typing students to learn by the classic method, row method or create a custom lesson based on specific keyboard characters that need


Find English tutors by asking friends, family members and fellow students for a referral or by contacting a local school district, college or university to locate an educator or advanced student who offers tutoring services. Tutors also advertise in newspapers, magazines, and educational blogs and w