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Dec 30, 2014 ... Scoring · Voluntary Surrender? · Criminal History Score in PSR? · Documented History of Violence (minor/serious)? · History of Escapes...


(b) The classification process shall take into consideration the inmate's needs, interests and desires, his/her behavior and placement score in keeping with the ...


An inmate's custody level and facility is determined through the classification ... 7- 11 points scores medium custody; 12 or more points score maximum custody.


Has the classification scoring instrument been properly designed according to the administrative interests of the DOC, according to previous research findings, and.


prior institutional problems, and a score assigned to each inmate's charge. Rationale Feedback. Computerized classification allows instant feedback infor-.


May 11, 2019 ... 1.12 Inmates that receive additional sentences while in Department custody shall be classified using the reclassification scoring criteria. A ...


On the basis of these scores, inmates are classified into one of five groups. ... their high degree of structure, which builds directly on the inmate's custody score.


Mar 1, 2000 ... Department of Correction Inmate Classification. ... 14 days of receiving significant information that could affect an inmate's needs or risk scores.


The Custody Review Score is based on current custody level, infraction behavior, program behavior, detainers, and escape history. Security Level 4 – Close. More  ...


Nov 29, 2020 ... behavior and security classifications were monitored. LSI scores and prison disciplinary data formed. the basis for developing a model to ...